DepoFoam technology delivers bupivacaine over time for extended analgesia1


of naturally occurring, biodegradable and biocompatible lipids2-4


bupivacaine in a multivesicular liposomal drug delivery technology
DepoFoam molecule breaking down over time, slowly releasing bupivacaine into surgical site


bupivacaine over time as lipid membranes reorganize1


membrane components that are cleared by normal metabolic pathways2,3

EXPAREL is designed for recovery with minimal opioids

  • Delivers targeted local analgesia at the surgical site
  • Reliably releases bupivacaine over time for prolonged analgesia5
  • Eliminates the need for catheters and pumps that may hinder recovery5-9
  • Provides long-lasting pain control while reducing the needs for opioids
Formulations of bupivacaine other than EXPAREL should not administered within 96 hours following administration of EXPAREL.