Girl discusses her options and concerns about third molar / wisdom tooth extraction and postsurgical opioid use with her mother

Medical Affairs


Pacira advocates for the appropriate and responsible use of EXPAREL. Pacira’s Medical Affairs team is available to support health care providers in scientific discussions as needed.


The Medical Affairs group manages the generation and dissemination of scientific data to ensure the safe and appropriate use of EXPAREL. The team focuses on scientifically and clinically addressing unmet medical needs related to opioid-related disease state education, multimodal pain management, opioid-reducing approaches to surgery, and education on the appropriate utilization of EXPAREL.


The Medical Affairs team is comprised of the following resources:

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Medical Science Liaisons

support scientific exchange with HCPs regarding EXPAREL, pain management, protocols, and more

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Pharmacy Alliance

engages with pharmacy leadership as needed, especially with respect to MUE/DUEs

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Strategic Alliance & Education

supports educational programs with a primary focus on regional anesthesia programs


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Contact Us

To request Medical Affairs support, please submit your question via a Medical Information Request. A Pacira team member will reply in 1 to 2 business days.