EXPAREL cannot be administered in the same way as bupivacaine HCl

Bupivacaine HCl is an aqueous solution
  • Readily diffuses into surrounding tissue and spreads throughout site
  • Requires fewer injections than EXPAREL for adequate pain-receptor coverage
  • Utilize a consistent injection technique throughout the surgical site
Surgical site comparison between EXPAREL administration and bupivacaine HCl administration
EXPAREL is a suspension composed of multivesicular liposomes that carry bupivacaine
  • Stays precisely where placed; does not readily diffuse into surrounding tissue
  • Requires more injections than other local anesthetics to ensure adequate coverage

Administer EXPAREL via surgical-site infiltration or transversus abdominus plane block (TAP)

4 step cross-section revealing the technique for proper surgical site infiltration
Surgical-site infiltration
  • Inject slowly into deep tissues using a moving needle technique—inject while withdrawing the needle
  • Infiltrate above and below fascia and into subcutaneous tissues
  • Aspirate frequently to minimize risk of intravascular injection
  • Use a 25-gauge or larger bore needle
Cross-section view of EXPAREL administration via TAP block
TAP block
  • Place EXPAREL in the fascial plane between the internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles
  • Perform using ultrasound guidance or laparoscopic visualization