• Administration Case Reports
  • For healthcare providers
  • For patients
  • For office managers

Information about dosing, proper administration, storage, and handling of EXPAREL.

Step-by-step instructions and best practices for successful implementation and use of EXPAREL across your organization.

Information about the two doses of EXPAREL, which provide greater flexibility in small and larger surgical procedures.

Key efficacy and safety data, as well as guidance on dosing and administration in oral surgery.

Key differences in the appearance, storage, preparation, and use of EXPAREL and Propofol to help prevent product confusion.

What nurses need to know about using EXPAREL in postsurgical patient care.

Introducing Your Oral Surgery Patients to EXPAREL® (Oral Surgery)

Ordering information for two different doses and carton sizes.

Coding guidance for Medicare and Commericial payors.

New account paperwork to start an account for EXPAREL

Health Care Clinic Establishment

(For Florida facilities only)

Additional practice tools available by contacting your EXPAREL Surgical Account Specialist

Patient Wristbands
Chart Stickers
Syringe Stickers